Ready, Set, Prompts!


Couldn’t make the first meeting? Didn’t know the first meeting was happening? Never fear! Here is a recap 🙂

As a group we decided that we’ll randomly choose prompts every two weeks (except around the holidays). We generated 27 prompts at the first meeting and we’ll be generating more later.

The prompts to work on, between now at January 12th are:




You can create any kind of art from these prompts, whether it be science fiction, wood carving, yodeling, coding, and more! Good luck creating and hopefully we’ll see you at our next meeting:

Sunday, January 12th; 4pm-5pm at Cafe Pergolesi

First Meeting


The first meeting will be held in a little over a week! The goal of the first meeting is to listen and decide what direction the group will take and to generate a preliminary round of prompts.

Cafe Pergolesi

Sunday, December 15th, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

RSVP via Facebook

Goal = to have a group that meets regularly (weekly? bi-weekly?) that creates art based on random prompts.

Art = Included, but not limited to, painting, drawing, music, poetry, writing, stitchery, sculpture, digital, found art, photography, millinery, coding, design, engineering, screen writing, videography, etc.

I’m thinking prompts will be generated by the group and a random one will be chosen each week. In between the end of one meeting and the beginning of the next, group members create some kind of art inspired by the prompt. Vital to this group is that any creation and expression is art. The idea is to give simple constraints to help breed creativity as well as the reinforcement of all other kinds of artists.

Where will this group go? Come find out with us.